Straight Talk Deals & Promotions Codes

We’re here today to discuss the various ways and applications a promo code from Straight Talk can be used. We checked in with our friends over at Zip2Save and they gave us some really good pointers on how to use the promotional codes in order to realize huge savings every single month.

First off you need to figure out what you’re looking for (duh). Do you want free airtime? Free SIM card? Free overnight shipping? Discounted iPhone or Samsung Galaxy? Then you need to look at how much money you’re currently spending on your wireless bill every month (assuming you’re not already with Straight Talk).

Save money with Promo Codes for Straight Talk

The biggest savings comes to new users and customers of Straight Talk Wireless. The reason for this is the deep discount they are give on new, used and refurbished phones, as well as SIM card and overnight shipping. One person wrote to us and told us that she saved a grand total of $750 by utilizing 3 coupons in a row. Straight Talk is one of the few prepaid cellphone providers that endorsed 3G early in the days and they offered each customer a Straight Talk promo code with a mobile phone.

The act of using 3 coupons in one shopping cart session is called “stacking”. These discount codes will stack upon one another and give multiple money saving offers. Some offers will not work with other offers and it is usually a matter of trial and error. But when a winning combination is found, it can result in huge monetary savings.

Free shipping
Expires: never
Enter coupon: FREESHIP

iPhone 5 deals
Expires: never
Enter coupon: i5deal

Samsung Galaxy deals
Expires: never
Enter coupon: SGdeal5

Free SIM card
Expires: never
Enter coupon: FREESIM

Straight Talk Wireless is the best prepaid cellphone provider

With just those three coupons along, Shaquanda Jackson reported saving $425 on her new Straight Talk Wireless phone, SIM card and monthly airtime. The trickiest part of saving this kind of money on a regular basis is to find the one promo discount that is rare: free airtime.

It used to be that back in 2010, Straight Talk would give out free coupons for free monthly airtime. But they have ceased to do that. They now offer special one-time discounts that you usually won’t find listed on the internet. This is due to the fact that the greater majority of these voucher codes are listed in print magazines. Believe it or not, magazines are where these companies focus their promotions the most.

So what’s a person to do? Simply head on down to your local grocery store, grab a woman’s or men’s magazine and start flipping through it looking for an advertisement for Straight Talk Wireless. Then it’s a matter of pulling out a pen and paper, or your current cell phone and writing down the discount, as well as the code.

It seems like a lot of work, but with money being tighter and tighter as the years go by, it makes sense to put in an honest effort into finding great deals and discounts for Straight Talk. Both you and your wallet will be happier in the long run as you watch the savings pile up.

Below is a video shedding the light on Straight Talk Wireless