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by gwoodill on January 7, 2011

Yesterday, eLearn Magazine published its annual list of predictions for 2011. Below are excerpts from three of my favourites; the list includes discussion of increased informal learning, gaming and less resistance to mobile-based education. Embedded in the individual predictions is the continued tension between the economic value of mobile learning, along with negative perception of personal social media tools in play at work, and the value of immediate and quality support for an evolving workforce.

The massive amount of information online needs better curation so that more people benefit from it.

With the increased use of technology in all education and training and the increased use of mobile phones globally, it makes less sense than ever to talk about e-learning and m-learning.

Lisa Gualtieri, eLearn Magazine editor-in-chief, and adjunct clinical professor at Tufts University School of Medicine [Twitter: @lisagualtieri]

Personal videoconferencing, telepresence technologies, tablets, and integration with existing systems will drive innovation in this area. We’ll see a flood of enterprise-level mobile apps developed. On the horizon: alternate reality games and other social gaming.

Janet Clarey, Independent Analyst, Technology Editor at Elearning! Media Group, and advisory board member for eLearn Magazine

2011 will be beginning of the end of the “you will need it later” model in e-learning. It is time to return to the “just in time” model that is the basis of apprenticeship and good parenting. E-learning will lead the way.

—Roger C. Schank of Socratic Arts, and opinion columnist for eLearn Magazine

For the rest of the predictions read eLearn Magazine’s: Predictions for eLearning in 2011 by the publication’s staff and contributors.

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Chad Udell January 8, 2011 at 2:28 pm

Thanks for the post on this, Stephanie! We just published our list for 2011 as well at Float.

It’s shaping up to be a great year.


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