Tech Innovation Now Led by Hot New Bands

by gwoodill on January 25, 2011

Ten years ago internet innovation was led by the pornography industry, as they tried to figure out ways to entice you to sign up for their sites. But, as Bill Tancer showed in his 2008 book Click, the number of people visiting porn sites has gone down as the use of social media has gone up. Innovation on the net had moved to hot new music bands, among others, who use the internet to be discovered, promote themselves and connect with fans. Here are two examples, both involving mobile.

First, if you haven’t seen the online movie by the Canadian band The Arcade Fire, then have a look at The Wilderness Downtown. It uses music, multiple screens opening and closing, and an interactive connection with your childhood home. It works best using Google’s Chrome browser, but its connection to mobile is that it demonstrates some of the new possibilities of HTML5, a standard that will be supported by all new mobile devices, including Apple. Developers of both mobile and internet apps need to pay attention to the capabilities of HTML5.

The other example is from The Black Eyed Peas who have released an app for the iPhone that includes an immersive 360 degree, augmented reality music video that puts you in the middle of a party, dancing to the music. As you move your phone around, or even up and down, you see the action in the room in all directions. Think of the educational uses for this app!

If you don’t have an iPhone, you can see the effects of the new 3D app in this video demo. For those who are technically minded or interested, another video shows how the the 3D production was done. As the producer of the video says, music videos are now about the experience, getting the feeling of being there. Enjoy, and be amazed. (GW)

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