Google Survey Has Lots of Interesting Data on Mobile Use

by gwoodill on April 27, 2011

Today, Google released the findings of a smart phone study done at the end of 2010. The sample size was 5,000 American adults who owned a smartphone and accessed the mobile Internet. The results showed that 93% of smartphone owners use their phones while at home, including 39% said they use their smartphones “while going to the bathroom. ”

In terms of the types of content that smart phone users search for, the results broke down as follows:

  • News (57%)
  • Dining (51%)
  • Entertainment (49%)
  • Shopping (47%)
  • Technology (32%)
  • Travel (31%)
  • Finance (26%)
  • Automotive (17%)

Perhaps the most surprising statistic in the survey was the fact that 49% of people who viewed a mobile ad actually made a purchase following the viewing.  There are lots of other interesting statistics in this post, and a slick video that illustrates much of the data.

Google: 50 Percent of those exposed to mobile ads took action | search engines land | Greg Sterling | 26 April 2011

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