A User-Centered Approach to Mobile Web Design

by gwoodill on May 15, 2011

Lyndon Cerejo at Smashing Magazine has posted a useful article on how to do user-centered mobile web design. The “mobile web” is the term used for designing websites that can be easily read on mobile devices, as opposed to “mobile apps” which are discrete progams that can be downloaded from an “app store” to run on mobile devices. But the focus in Cerejo’s post is on maximizing the mobile user experience, although the same issues come up in designing for mobile apps.

The author uses a life-cycle approach with five stages:

  1. Assess the situation: do you really need a mobile website now?
  2. Start with the User
  3. Prioritize what your mobile website should offer
  4. Be aware of mobile design considerations
  5. Prototype, Review and Refine.

There is lots of detail here, so this article is a good starting point for thinking about mobile learning strategy. The author has included lists of resources as well. Recommended for those starting out in mobile learning.

A User-Centered Approach to Web Design for Mobile Devices | Smashing Magazine | Lyndon Cerejo | 2 May 2011

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