5 Views of the Future of Mobile Learning

by gwoodill on September 17, 2011

It is notoriously hard to predict the future of anything, but predicting technology trends can be done if you look for products and services already in development. That means digging for innovations, inventions and ideas that have been already developed in the past 3-5 years, and assessing their potential growth. Timo Ilomaki has collected 5 different presentations on the future of mobile learning in one post, to allow you to see the variety of results.  The first presentation by Rudy De Waele is pretty interesting as he gives us multiple views from 46 different “experts” on mobile learning. Some are clearly pushing the envelope more than others.

The second presentation by Minjuan Wang is a compilation of immediate trends in mobile learning, and doesn’t push very far into the future.  The third presentation by Judy Brown is more thoughtful with great examples that most people will find fresh and new from their prespective, although Judy is not inventing anything new here, just bringing hidden research to light. Given where she works, this presentation uses many examples from the military.

James Clay’s presentation is all visuals, but takes us from the history of farming, through the development of classrooms, to the future based on augmented reality. He shows that it is the mobility of the learner that is what makes mobile learning different, not the use of specific technologies.

Finally, the presentation by Steve Wheeler starts with some great quotes showing how each new learning techology is predicted to fail by those who are most threatened by its intoduction. He runs through a visual history of various multi-media and computing technologies used in teaching, and asks, “Are we witnessing a digital revolution?” His examples are about the move to openness and sharing made possible by networking, as well as other trends made possible by mobile devices.

The five presentations are all worth looking at, and seeing them all together will show that their is considerable agreement on the trends for mobile learning over the next five years.

5 Visions about the Future of Mobile Learning | Educational Technology – Theory and Practice | Timo Ilomaki  | 12 September 2011


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