Mobile Learning, Apps & IT in Healthcare

by April-Dawn Blackwell on December 3, 2012

The winter season is approaching and the cold and flu season has started.  This has made me think more of the healthcare sector again as I was traveling and got a nasty cold.  Wouldn’t it be great to ensure my medical records travel with me?   Or, the doctors could learn about the number of flu outbreaks in their region – each week?

Mobile learning and mobility of the apps we use have definitely evolved in the last few years – thankfully.  We have seen each industry adapt and build on the opportunity to share information and learning with the masses.  Healthcare is no different.  We have sites to teach kids about CPR, in the car, on their parents phone, on the way to swimming lessons.  Although my health records were not available in the walk-in clinic while I was out of town, I can share that the conversations about mobile access and learning in the healthcare is expanding.

Enjoy the season!

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